What got me here?

This is an interesting story… In fact, I wrote a huge and widely shared article on how photography “saved my life.”  I had garnered a small interest in the craft back in 2012 while working with a fellow IT consultant at the time. He would bring in his equipment and talk with me about a variety of shoots he was working on and classes he was taking. I figured it might be fun to give the hobby a try, and ended up purchasing my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T2i… Fast forward a few years, I hit a massive rough patch in my life and fell into a huge depression. Feeling hopeless and lost, I figured I would try and use photography as a catalyst to pull me out of my funk. Learning the technicalities of composition and practicing regularly gave me a new lease on life and it immediately became hooked. Without photography, I don’t know that I would be were I am at, or even here at all for that matter.

Compassionate, Creative and Technical…

If I could describe myself in three words, those would be it. I am a lover, fighter and an intellect in my head all at once… It’s crazy up there, believe me, I am still trying to figure myself out daily.

I was born in Portland, Oregon in the winter of 1983 and have been a PNW’er ever since. Currently residing in Vancouver, WA, my photography is fueled by my sense of adventure and my ever-growing need to build new experiences in life. While not originally a photographer, I spent the majority of my youth drawing, painting and designing things from an early age. And although my creative utensils had changed over time, I have always stuck to my roots and found happiness and success in many different forms of art.

What are my photography goals?

I have one goal, and one goal alone… I want every shot I take to be a “WOW!” moment for the viewer. I know this puts unsurmountable odds against myself, however I want my photos to mean something more to people. I want them to look at a photo and see the time that it took to produce the image, and the effort it took to try and get it technically perfect. Aside from a beautiful photograph I want my viewer to see a brand, a style that I created and is easily identifiable. I want someone to say “Allan Pudlitzke took that shot…” I want to be well known and continue to improve even after I reach my goals. I want to use my skills and abilities to help others grow by shaping their creativity by becoming an inspiration to them.

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